Unforgettable: Review


Right off the bat, I know that I am in no way the target demographic for Denise Di Novi’s thriller, the quite bravely entitled Unforgettable. How do I know? Well at one point, somebody says “Yolo”, which, in the film’s defence, is probably one of the better written lines of dialogue in this erotic thriller that is neither erotic nor thrilling.

Somewhat sharing the same DNA as “bunny boiler” films such as Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct, Katherine Heigl plays the highly strung ex-wife of a newly engaged business owner, who sets out to take her revenge on the new fiancée (Rosario Dawson) through some pretty terrifying psychological warfare. 

Now when we first meet said fiancée, she is in a police interrogation room, cut up badly from an altercation with an ex-boyfriend turned abuser. And in a way, I would have much rathered have seen that version of Unforgettable than the one we ended up with.

The problem with the film, other than it appears to have been written by one of the writers from a “Real Housewives” type show, is that it really doesn’t do much to change the stereotype of the “crazy ex-girlfriend”; and I think an opportunity has quite clearly been missed in pitting these two female characters against each other, as opposed to creating a story about an abused woman finding the strength and will to fight back against her abuser. 

What could have been an empowering female story is instead reduced to cat fights and bitching, depicted through some of the most laughable dialogue and circumstances that have graced the cinema screen in quite some time. The central cast look severely depressed throughout, and the film’s final attempts at setting up a sequel were met with waves of laughter from the audience I saw it with. I’ve seen less trash on bin day, but for some that may be exactly what they’re after. 

Image credit to http://www.impawards.com 


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