The Boss Baby: Review


Dreamworks Animation alumni, Tom McGrath (Megamind, Madagascar), returns with one of his strangest concepts to date in The Boss Baby. Much like last year’s surprisingly sweet Storks, this takes the questions that young children often have when it comes to babies and where they come from, and turns them into a bizzare animation that should keep the whole family suitably entertained. 

Boasting some vibrant visuals and a story that brilliantly reflects a child’s imagination, there’s plenty to appreciate with McGrath’s latest – even if it fails to reach the same dizzying heights of success as Dreamworks’ greatest achievement to date, the How To Train Your Dragon series. 

Alec Baldwin is inspired casting as the titular baby, sent from Baby Corp to infiltrate a family in an attempt to defeat the latest threat to babiekind – puppies. But whilst there are a few chucklesome moments, plus a couple of references to Raiders of the Lost Ark – something which made this Indiana Jones fan very happy – the nonsensical and needlessly convoluted plot often works to the film’s disadvantage. 

That said, there isn’t much to cry about when it comes to The Boss Baby. It is neither hugely enjoyable or painfully dull; it simply passes the time quite well and is instantly forgotten about afterwards. And for some parents over this half term, I’m sure they couldn’t ask for much more than just that. 

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