Fist Fight: Review


If you want to put yourself through 90-minutes of the worst comedy you’ll probably see all year, then look no further than Fist Fight. At 85-minutes too long, it is painfully unfunny and unoriginal, relying largely on penis and masturbation jokes that stopped being funny in the 1980’s. Worse still, not only does it feature some of the biggest tumbleweed-gags I’ve been in a while, it features one of the most irritating performances I’ve had to sit through in years.

Said performance belongs to Charlie Day, an actor/comedian that reminds me of a high-pitched Christian Slater. Playing a teacher who is roped into a fist fight with Ice Cube, he spends the better part of the film screeching and mumbling his way through the script to increasingly annoying levels. So much so that, in spite of being a relatively peaceful person, I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t wait for him to get punched in the face. 

It’s not all bad: we’re not talking anything that’s quite as offensive as last year’s Dirty Grandpa, and I did laugh audibly at a joke involving a Big Sean song. Ice Cube is also pretty good (certainly nowhere near as annoying as his counterpart) and does what he does best – look scary as hell. 

Everything else about the film is poor though, from its improvisation scenes that wish they were even half as funny as those in a Judd Apatow movie, all the way down to its failed attempts to have some kind of message at its core. I’ll take detention instead, thanks. 

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  1. Haha wow I liked this a lot more than you man. Whilst I recognise it was a bit shite I still got a good few laughs out of it. That Big Sean bit was fantastic. You’re the second person I’ve seen comment on how irritating Day was, guess he’s more of a marmite performer than I realised! Entertaining review anyway man!

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