Rings: Review


I can’t help but think the producers of Rings, the latest reboot/sequel to the Americanised remake of Japan’s Ringu series, missed a trick in the initial conceptual phase. When the world as we know it revolves around social interaction, likes, follows and technology that can allow people to connect from all over the world, the idea of a video that, once watched, can bring about your death in 7 days, feels ripe for a story about viral media. Yet whilst touched upon briefly, this idea is one that’s scrapped in favour of an unbelievable unoriginal and dull plot that becomes so confused, it even attempts to steal ideas from other recent horror films.

In fairness, to even call Rings a horror would be a stretch. Gone is the uncomfortable atmosphere of the original films (both Japan’s and America’s) and in its place are lazy jump scares that feel more in keeping with a teen-targeted bore than a terrifying, psychological ghost story. The biggest jump in the entire film is when a dog barks unexpectedly (and that’s not even really that jumpy), but on the positive side, as the stresses of life have meant me not sleeping properly of late, I appreciated the opportunity to close my eyes from time to time. 

Riddled with so many plot holes from beginning to end, Rings feels more like a comedy at times. The biggest laugh comes when Vincent D’Onofrio shows up as a blind man, probably just so he can hide behind a pair of sunglasses, who once had visions of the film’s central ghost. And as the film finally reaches its long-winded conclusion, attempts to replicate the ideas of last year’s brilliant Don’t Breathe garner even more laughs. 

The tagline for Rings reads ‘First you watch it. Then you die’, but fails to mention that it’s from boredom. It’s not clever and it’s not scary, and that’s coming from somebody who is a cowering wimp when it comes to the genre. Trust me, avoid it at all costs. 

Image credit to http://www.impawards.com

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