Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – Review


If, like me, you haven’t managed to keep up with the Resident Evil franchise, you needn’t worry. The opening sequence of the sixth (that’s sixth!) film in the series spends what feels like a good ten-minutes bringing us up to date with what’s been going on in the films so far, which seems like a lot considering the basic premise simply involves zombies. So much so that the “previously on Resident Evil” segment fails to mention clones, superpowers and the various other creatures that are referenced to throughout this finale which isn’t really a finale at all, losing its nerve to create real closure in its final few moments. 

At this stage in the game though, the storytelling has become so needlessly convoluted that none of the above really matters. You’ll either go with the sheer madness that occurs on-screen, or you won’t. And personally, I was surprised to find that I did. That’s not to say that I was invested or engaged or even liked the film in the slightest, but rather that I was taken aback by its gloriously b-movie dialogue and action which, combined, make for one of the most hilarious films I’ve seen in a while. 

Sure, the fight sequences are more shaky and indecipherable than those in a Michael Bay movie, the scares are virtually nonexistent and the fIlm’s sexual politics are questionable, but, at the very least, you are guaranteed a few big laughs along the way. Some of the writing is so awful that it’s difficult to tell whether or not the cast are in on the joke, and whether the franchise has become self-aware of its own stupidity over the years. Either way, intentional or not, Resident Evil: “The Final Chapter” is one of the best bad films you will have seen in quite some time. 

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