Ice Age: Collision Course – Review 

Five films into the Ice Age franchise – a franchise that technically should have gone extent four films ago – you’d be forgiven if you’ve been struggling to keep up with the story. Over the last four films, the first of which was released fourteen-years ago (Fourteen!!!) we’ve seen Manny the mammoth, Sid the sloth and Diego the saber-toothed tiger survive the ice age (and history), dinosaurs and monkey pirates who sail the seas on icebergs. 

Believe it or not, thier latest adventure, Ice Age: Collision Course, has an even stranger, sci-fi tinged plot, which sees the lovable but hapless Scrat sent into space. There, chaos reigns, and the saber-toothed squirrel accidentally sends a giant asteroid hurtling toward Earth. 

Meanwhile, on Earth, the wedding of Manny’s daughter has to be put on hold so that the gang can travel to the site of the last meteor crash to find clues how to save the world. On their mission, they are hunted by three flying dinosaurs, travel through an electrical storm and come across a community of animals, led by the Shangri Llama, who are using the mysterious powers of the asteroid to maintain their youth. Makes sense, right?

At this point in the Ice Age series, a suspension of disbelief is essential. If you’re to get hung up on the absurdities of the story, then you’ll find little to enjoy; however, if you’re willing to just go along with the film’s strangeness, then there is, surprisingly, plenty to enjoy. 

The space-set sequences in which Scrat speeds around in a UFO, are the highlight of the film. Often hilarious, these moments combined would make for an excellent short film, but are surrounded here by a far less funny and far less interesting story. 

That said, I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t have me chuckling constantly throughout – Simon Pegg’s returning weasel, Buck, is another highlight.  It may be far from perfect – it’s definitely not as good as The Secret Life of Pets –  but adults should be able to take their children to see this and find something to enjoy as well. At the very least, this should keep families adequately entertained until Picar’s Finding Dory comes out at the end of July.

Ice Age: Collision Course previews this weekend and is out everywhere on July 15th.

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