The Angry Birds Movie: Review

When you consider that The Angry Birds Movie has been developed from an app in which you catapult birds at green pigs, you can’t help but be impressed by the film’s surprising quality. Whilst it has nothing as visually or emotionally engaging as a Pixar or Dreamworks animation, it does, at the very least, have some laugh-out-loud funny gags and a brilliantly conceived narrative. 

The person largely responsible for its success is Jon Vitti, a veteran writer of The Simpsons and its big screen outing, who brings with him a wide spectrum of jokes that you’d expect from the long-running television series. There are pop-culture references aplenty that include, amongst others, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, and more pig and bird puns than you can shake your tail feather at. 

Vitti’s script not only has the laughs to keep both children and adults entertained and engaged through its breezy running time, but ingeniously transfers the original concept of the Angry Birds games to cinema. 

It introduces us to an island of flightless birds, most of which live happy and positive lives. When a group of pigs from a neighbouring island show up, however, it’s the island’s small group of ‘angry birds’ who are suspicious of the their intentions. Rightly so, it would turn out, as the pigs aim to steal the birds’ eggs and turn them into a big feast. 

For those who may have never played or even heard of the games on which the film is based, there’s enough story and character development during the film’s first hour that you shouldn’t feel left out. If you are a fan, then you should be in your element, especially during the final act which sees all the familiar characters and weapons lay seige to the pig island.

It’s evident throughout The Angry Birds Movie that just as much love and detail has been put into the story, as it has the   colourful visuals. The end result is something that is surprising, engaging, entertainng and pretty much egg-cellent. 

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