Robinson Crusoe: Review

There are animated films and then there are ANIMATED films; movies that are so loud, so over-the-top and so obnoxious that the cartoon visuals are the least animated thing in the entire picture. Robinson Crusoe, a europudding that hails primarily from France and Belgium, is a perfect example of this irritating type of animated film-making.

Based on Daniel Defoe’s classic novel, this strips away the sense of adventure and danger of its source material, choosing to focus on a cast of colourful creatures instead. Led by Mak the parrot, the animals help Crusoe survive on the Island and battle a group of evil cats who intend to kill Crusoe.

The film itself is very episodic. It has so many clear cuts throughout its running time that it feels like it would have worked better as a television series, as opposed to a big-screen cinematic adventure. Playing to a very young audience, the voice cast are irksome and sound like they recently graduated from the school of pantomime theatrics. 

For a young audience – and I mean really young – there might be something within the film that’s worthwhile, and the colourful visuals should at least be enough to keep children entertained up to a point. Otherwise, Robinson Crusoe is a clock-watching, excruciatingly painful and dull piece of work that, had it strayed closer to the book on which it was based, could have been something much better. Avoid at all costs. 

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