Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Road Chip – Review


The fourth – that’s right, fourth?!!! – instalment in the cinematic adventures of Alvin and The Chipmunks, entitled The Road Chip, sees Alvin, Simon and Theodore travelling to Miami in a bid to stop their human carer, Dave, from proposing to his new girlfriend. 

Joint by their potential future stepbrother, a bully with a heart of a gold, the gang take a stereotypical sight-seeing tour of America along the way; taking in bar fights and line dancing in Texas, and joining a jazz band in New Orleans. 

All the while, they are pursued by an embittered former fan of the Chipmunks, an Air Marshall named Suggswho is determined to capture Alvin and company after they release a zoo of animals on one of his flights. 

The plane sequence itself actually provides a few chucklesome moments – I’m a big fan of the Monkey from Night of The Museum, so it’s nice to see him getting more work here – but The Road Chip is an otherwise painfully unfunny experience. 

The plot is simple and there’s just enough silly to keep its younger demographic entertained, especially if they have already sat through the previous three adventures. However, with a eardrum perforating jukebox soundtrack, filled with covers of popular pop music that’s been to turned up all the way to eleven on the squeaky scale, any parent’s patience should be stretched right to the limit.

There’s nothing within it to get really angry about, but then there’s nothing of any real substance to it anyway. As far as family features go, this one if strictly for the children and, whilst it wasn’t as infuriating as I might have expected, I often found my mind wandering toward the logistics of the story. How much would a chipmunk flying into your privates at full speed actually hurt? Why do the chipmunks seem excited by the prospect of human women in bikinis? How would a relationship like that that ever work out? 

These unanswered questions are the least of the film’s problems though, from an adults perspective at least. Granted, I’ve seen a lot worse than Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Road Chip, but there are far better options this half-term such as Oddball and The Penguins and Goosebumpswhich mean this should be seen as a very last resort. 

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