The Last Witch Hunter: Review


Just in case Seventh Son wasn’t enough to ruin your appetite for witch-based fantasy, The Last Witch Hunter has arrived to give it a go. 

In fairness, The Last Witch Hunter isn’t quite as bad as the aforementioned film, but still has plenty of problems – the first of which being the last witch hunter himself, Vin Diesel.

The Fast & Furious star plays Kaulder, an immortal witch hunter who has lived for hundred of years after being cursed by the evil Witch Queen. 

His sole purpose in life is to keep the peace between witches and mankind, and bring any rogue witches to swift justice. When a friend is cursed and given two days to live, Kaulder has to remember something he’s forgotten from his long past, and stop a plot to resurrect the Witch Queen.

I don’t hold a particular hatred for Vin Diesel’s work, and I think he does what he does very well. However, his casting here feels like a total misstep. He’s terribly wooden in this – more so than when he played an actual tree in Guardians of the Galaxy – and is outacted by a CGI version of himself.

This is namely due to the character he’s playing. Having lived for hundreds of years, we’re expected to believe that Kaulder is a man of fine art and music, whilst being apparently irresistible to women at the same time. It’s really hard to buy Diesel as that type of guy, and the film suffers as a result.

That said, when he’s doing his usual fighty, punchy thing, both the film and his performance really work – after all, the man may not be the greatest actor in the world, but he certainly knows how to brandish a flaming sword with style.

It’s in the silly action sequences that The Last Witch Hunter comes alive, proving quite passable as a bit of b-movie fun. Unfortunately, these sequences do happen few and far between, and are over quicker than you can say ‘wicked witch of the west’.

The Last Witch Hunter isn’t the worst film I’ve seen this year by any means, especially when you think of just how horrid Seventh Son was. It passes the time and has some fun moments, but it wholly unforgettable and throwaway at the same time.

Michael Caine steals the show, despite looking like he’s walked onto the seat without a clue as to what the film’s about. 

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