Hotel Transylvania 2: Review


Hotel Transylvania 2 makes a passing reference to Young Frankenstein, when it shows a clip of the film during a particular sequence. Mel Brooks himself, the director of Young Frankenstein, actually shows up as ancient vampire Vlad, and gets the only laugh of the film – which is about boobs, obviously. 

The fact that Hotel Transylvania 2 so readily reminds us of the Gene Wilder comedy, is doing itself a disservice; it reminds us what horror comedy should be like when done right, and makes you wish you’d much rather be watching Young Frankenstein again, over this tepid animated sequel.

Set five years after the original Hotel Transylvania, vampire Mavis and human Jonathan have a baby boy named Dennis. Despite the hotel now welcoming both human and monsters, Dracula is concerned that his grandson will grow up to be more of the former.

Worried that his daughter may leave the hotel, to start a human life I’m America, Drac and his friends decide to take Dennis on a trip and bring out his inner-monster. A whole lot of nothing follows.

Hotel Transylvania 2 sucks; it’s as simple as that. I didn’t hate it, because quite frankly there’s nothing there to hate. It didn’t anger me or entertain me in anyway whatsoever; it was just there, on the screen, doing stuff, as my eyes glazed over with total boredom.

It isn’t funny – the children in my screening hardly even laughed – and the ‘plot’ is so predictable that I could have left within the opening few moments, saved myself a hour and a half, and not missed a single thing from knowing the outcome. 

The characters are annoying and the voice work even more so – whenever I see the words Adam Sandler and Kevin James appear in a film, a little part of me dies – with the only exception being a character named Blobby; a green, gelatinous creature who never speaks, but giggles instead. When that’s the most memorable and interesting thing about a movie, you know it’s in trouble.

One redeeming quality would be the animation itself, which is detailed and colourful, but overall Hotel Transylvania 2 is a vacuum of nothingness that will bore you and, more than likely, your children. 

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