Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter: Review


Based on an urban legend surrounding the Coen brothers’ Fargo, Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter is a bizzare and utltimatley impenetrable disappointment, that wastes an interesting concept. 

Rinko Kikuchi plays Kumiko, a Japanese office worker who is jaded with her life. Working at a place she hates and constantly under pressure from her mother to get married, Kumiko finds some sort of purpose and path when she finds an old VHS copy of Fargo. Believing the film to be true, she sets out to America in an attempt to find the buried suitcase full of cash that was featured in the film.

Striking cinematography from Sean Porter isn’t enough to save Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter from its own dullness. Very little happens in terms of story, other than a few brief encounters with people that seem to have no purpose. There’s very little character development too, and as a result, I did not like or care for Kumiko whatsoever. 

The performances are serviceable and the photography is lovely, but otherwise Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter is nothing more than a void of nothingness masquerading as quirk. This is one best left buried and lost forever. 

Image credit to http://www.impawards.com


    • Sorry to disappoint you! I’d been looking forward to it so much too, from all the good things I had heard. Waited ages to see it so was really gutted that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped!

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