Home: Review

Home tells the story of the boov, a cowardly alien race who traverse the universe in search for a suitable place to call home. Their newest perspective planet? Earth; where the apparently inferior, and backward human occupants are quickly abducted and segregated into ‘happy human towns’ across the globe. When one of the boov, Oh (so-named due to the exasperated moans from his fellow aliens, whenever he appears) accidentally sends a house-warming invitation to their mortal enemy, the Gorg, he must go on the run and soon crosses paths with a young human girl, searching for her mother. They join forces to help each other out of their respective predicaments and begin to discover they may have more in common than they think.

In what could be seen as taking a page out of Pixar’s book, Dreamworks Animation recently announced the streamlining of their upcoming releases, so as to focus on quality over quantity. I can’t help but think that their latest, Home, may have been a contributing factor to that decision. Compared to the likes of How To Train Your Dragon, Big Hero 6 and Frozen, Home struggles to step out of their gargantuan shadows and proves itself to be nothing more than ‘just okay’. It plays to a young audience and there’s very little in it for the adults, unlike the aforementioned films. The visuals and the theme of friendship are all legitimately lovely, especially for the films target demographic, but that isn’t enough to make Home particulary remarkable.  All the best jokes, of which there are few, are in the trailer, and there’s a lackluster sense of adventure. Add to the mix an unshakeable similarity with the much better Lilo and Stitch, and Home is instantly forgettable. It isn’t awful and it plods along at a nice pace, but it isn’t fantastic either. Children will enjoy it, but the grown-ups will be wishing they could have stayed at home. 

Home has previews this Mother’s Day weekend and is out everywhere March 20th.

Image credit to http://www.impawards.com


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