Monday’s Movie Musings: Is a Ghostbusters re-boot a good idea?


In the interest of truth, I’d always intended for this weeks post to be about Ghostbusters 3 and how I thought it was never likely to happen. Well clearly the film god’s have a sense of humour as on October 8th it was announced that Bridesmaids director, Paul Feig, would be directing an all female-led re-boot. So instead, I’m going to take a look at what we know so far about the proposed idea and whether or not Ghostbusters is a franchise that’s better left dead.

With this year marking the 30th anniversary of the original film, it’s no coincidence that an announcement of this kind has been made. There’s been talk of a third film for years, with on/off rumours re-surfacing every few months or so, and whilst Ghostbusters 2 took a heavy beating critically, it appears people’s enthusiasm for a third entry has never wavered. Now, I for one actually like the second film and think a lot of the negativity surrounding it is unjustified, but even as a fan I’ve never really thought a third film would be a good idea. This is mainly because of the refusal of Dr. Peter Venkman himself, Bill Murray, to return to one of his most famous roles.


We all have our favourite Ghostbuster and mine is actually the late Harold Ramis’ Egon Spengler; but without Murray and now Ramis, the group dynamic would be gone and the film just wouldn’t work. Whilst I find his turning down of Ghostbusters 3 frankly baffling, especially considering he made a sequel to Garfield, the simple fact is that the possible ideas for a new film just didn’t work. It comes as no surprise then that a complete re-boot of the property has been given the go ahead, an idea that I would usually be adverse to, but one I think could actually work this time around.

The main thing it has going for it, is its concept of an all female cast. By ignoring the previous films and introducing us to a new team of Ghostbusters who happen to be women, it provides a gender-bending twist that will at the very least make it an interesting watch. That is only if the casting is done correctly. People have already suggested comedic actresses such as Kristen Wigg, Rebel Wilson or Melissa McCarthy; but what be even better is the casting of actresses either unfamiliar with comedy or of an older generation.


How about a Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren Ghostbusters, where our retired heroes take up Ghost-busting as a hobby to save them from boredom. Dame Judi Dench and Diane Keaton could even go along for the ride too. Cast unknowns or actresses whose classy persona’s could be turned on their heads for this. The possibilities are endless and the films success rests heavily on the direction it takes with its casting and story.

Any re-boot of a franchise is unlikely to match the same standard set by the original film, and the same will more than likely apply with Ghostbusters. Whilst we’ll always wonder what could have been had the original gang and Ivan Reitman returned ten, even twenty years earlier; hopefully this new version will be a fresh take on a beloved franchise, that will appeal to a new generation of young girls as well as boys.

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