Dracula Untold: Review


Presenting us with a new spin on the legendary bloodsuckers origins, Dracula Untold is a farcical but surprisingly entertaining re-vamp.

Luke Evans plays Vlad the Impaler, newly returned from fighting with the Turks. Determined to put his bloody past behind him and live the rest of his days with his wife and child; his peace is threatened when former brother in arms, Sultan Mehmed, demands one thousand boys for his new army.

To protect his son and the rest of his people, Prince Vlad turns to the dark-side for help and strikes up a deal with an ancient monster who lives in the mountains. He’s given all the strength and power of the creature for three days but must resist the temptation to drink human blood. If he gives in, he will set the creature free from his curse and must help him gain vengeance of his own.

What follows is one head shaking absurdity after the next as Vlad comes to terms with his new powers. Super-hearing? Check. Super-strength? Check. X-ray vision and the ability to fly? Double check. So our anti-hero is now Superman (or should that be Batman?) and can literally level armies all by himself. This is in itself is completely preposterous, without taking into account all the other plot holes and awful dialogue.

This said, against my better judgement I found myself caught up in all of its silly fun. It’s forgettable but still very watchable, not least due to Luke Evans’ central performance as Vlad/Dracula. I’ve been impressed with his acting on both the big and small screen, and as far as Dracula goes, he has all the charisma you could ask for.

Damning with faint praise; Dracula Untold is not as awful as I expected and is much better than this years I, Frankenstein. It’s mindless viewing that will give your brain a rest for at least an hour and a half, and sometimes that’s fine by me.

Image credit to http://www.fansided.com


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