What We Did On Our Holiday: Review


From the writing team behind popular BBC sitcom Outnumbered, What We Did On Our Holiday centres around the McLeod family who come together to celebrate their patriarch’s birthday. With each adult seemingly harbouring a secret, the facade of a happy family unit is threatened by the naïveté of the younger generation.

A story of childhood innocence and childish adults, What We Did On Our Holiday transcends its televisual stylings by dealing with thematic material worthy of the big screen. With a focus on the three D’s (death, depression and divorce), there’s a subtle darkness and sense of reality that pulls the film back from being overly schmaltzy.

This isn’t to say that it’s without the feel-good factor; for the most part it is joyfully funny, with a truly witty script that contains more big laughs than most mainstream Hollywood films. There’s a welcomed depth to the writing that makes keen observations about modern day families, and legitimate attempts at exploring what it is to live.

Another reason the film works so well is the cast who are brilliant across the board, from Billy Connolly all the way down to the young children whose adorability and naturalistic performances add a sense of authenticity to the film.

Sad and funny in equal measures, What We Did On Our Holiday is another example of British film at its best. It has consistent laughs, but what’s more impressive is its bravery in injecting harsh reality into proceedings, and being unafraid of leaving things open as opposed to tied up in a neat little package.

What We Did On Our Holiday is out everywhere on Friday 26th September and is far more rewarding than you may think.

Image credit to http://www.heyuguys.com


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