The Unbeatables: Review


From oscar-winning director Juan Jose Campanella, The Unbeatables is an Argentinian animated football film that’s as strange as it is annoying.

With a plot that involves a famous footballer buying his former home town so that he can build a stadium over it, toy footballers that come to life, and ostriches with football boots for beaks, it’s one of the most bizzare films I’ve seen this year.

Not a good bizzare like the stuff in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, but fully fledged what-the-hell-were-they-thinking stuff. I can’t believe it actually exists.

The film’s foreign stylings feel out of place with a cast consisting of Liverpudlian, Scottish and Welsh voices, and it feels like a lot of the humour is perhaps lost in translation.

Having said that, for its very young target audience it may prove enjoyable; the young boy in my screening seemed to love it. But as someone who finds football grating at the best of times, this was like torture.

Lacking any real magic, wonder or humour, The Unbeatables is animated film at its worst. With the football season starting back up tomorrow, I’m already fed up of it after this and if I have to hear one more person yell “Gooooaaaallll”, I may have to kill someone (but probably won’t).

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