Into The Storm: Review


The disaster movie gets the found-footage treatment in Into The Storm, which finds the small town community of Silverton come under attack from a series of tornadoes.

Told through the cameras of various characters (a documentary film maker, students at their graduation and a couple of redneck YouTube daredevils), we’re placed in the middle of the action; resulting in roller-coaster type thrills.

Its plot is paper thin and the script (from the writer of Step Up: All In) is truly awful, with the ‘green’ message being cast aside for a frankly bizarre “live for today because you could be dead tomorrow” conclusion. The found-footage angle doesn’t really work either, and there are a number of moments throughout the film where I was left wondering who was holding the camera.

The only thing worse than this is the acting, which is without a doubt some of the most cringey I’ve seen all year. You know it’s bad when your cast are outperformed by a CGI tornado. The special effects on display really do steal the show, and despite its flaws I actually had a blast with Into The Storm.

It’s not a good film but it’s an entertaining one. Big, dumb fun which made me laugh in places and made my jaw drop in others due to the on-screen spectacle. You won’t come away from it a changed person but I’ll hazard a guess that you’ll have a smile on your face.

There’s been far better summer movies this year but Into The Storm is a brilliantly silly piece of cinema that aims to thrill, and does so. Great for the eyes, not so much the soul, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as far as this is concerned.

Into The Storm is out nationwide on August 20th.

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