Planes 2: Fire and Rescue: Review

In Planes 2: Fire & Rescue, air racing champion Dusty Crophopper discovers he has a dickie engine that will hinder his ability to race and sets him on a path into the world of aerial firefighting.

Planes 2 makes minor improvements over what should have been a straight to video previous instalment. Whilst being far from perfect, it does at least prove its cinematic worth with some very good looking animation.

There’s a lot that doesn’t work. It isn’t funny and its story is the verbatim of every other film set within Pixar’s Cars universe, placing our lead hero in a situation where he has to prove himself to yet another old-timer with a secret past.

The fact that it’s set within the Cars universe is in itself a hindrance as the concept of vehicular anthropomorphism has never been one that has really worked for me.

That said, as well as some solid visuals (particularly some stunning scenery) the film does have a surprisingly engrossing and exciting ending as our heroes battle a huge forest fire.

A mixed bag, yet not as awful as I was expecting, Planes 2: Fire & Rescue may not set the box office on fire but you could certainly take your children to worse family fare this weekend.

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