The Nut Job: Review

A heist movie with squirrels is the basic concept behind latest animation, The Nut Job. Set in New York, it tells the story of Surly the squirrel who after accidentally destroying the winters food for the local parks wildlife , is banished to the city.

Redemption comes in the form of a newly opened nut shop (?) which is actually a cover for a human gang of criminals pulling a heist on a bank. Surly, with the help of various other critters plan a heist of their own in the hope of feeding the park for the winter.

I’ve already said far too much about The Nut Job, a yawn inducing and genuinely dull animated film. Whilst the graphics shine and the third act packs a surprisingly exciting punch, it’s otherwise completely and utterly boring.

It’s really not funny and knows it, resorting to cheap fart and burp jokes to try and get laughs from a younger audience. I laughed once during it and judging from the fidgety and loud children in my screening, they were not impressed either.

By the time the film does become sort of interesting in it’s last few minutes, there’s been so much time spent going round in circles that you just really don’t care. It’s a shame because the great animation is there as is the idea, it’s just the script that lets it down.

The Nut Job may be nice to look at but it has nothing else to offer adults and children a-like. With a sequel already in the works for 2016, it’s as Surly perfectly sums up at the end of the film,’They must be nuts’.

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