The House of Magic: Review

Hailing from Belgium, The House of Magic finds a recently abandoned cat stumbling upon a house belonging to a magician.

Quickly re-named Thunder by the homeowner, he’s welcomed into the ‘family’, which consists of various living toys, a mouse and an old rabbit.

When the magician’s nephew attempts to sell the house behind his back, it’s up to Thunder to lead his friends and defend their home.

Taking its cue from other animations such as Toy Story, The House of Magic doesn’t quite reach the standard of a Pixar or Dreamworks picture.

Regardless, it’s better than average, with a lot on offer for the younger audience it’s aimed at. The animation is better than expected and the imagery on display is inventive and different enough to at least spark the imaginations of children.

Light hearted and good natured, it has a decent story that showcases the importance of friendship without being overly sentimental.

It boasts a decent soundtrack that includes The Cure and Madness, so it gets extra points from me on that alone.

The House of Magic isn’t a future classic but it is a lot better than other ‘children’s films’ out there at the minute. It’s a colourful and imaginative bit of fun that the kids will enjoy.

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