Pudsey The Dog: The Movie: Review


The tag line for Pudsey The Dog: The Movie, reads ‘Britain’s Got Trouble’; a reference to the ‘talent’ show that shot the films titular hero to such giddy heights of stardom that he apparently warrants a film of his own.

A highly appropriate tag-line in more ways than one, I can’t speak for Britain but I certainly felt troubled after walking out of the film.

Now I know it’s supposed to be for kids, so how can I possibly be critical of it, right? Wrong. I’m a firm believer that children’s films need to offer some kind of emotional or educational worth to be truly successful.

This film has neither. Instead we get crass and dated toilet humour mixed in with jokes that I don’t think even the youngest of audience member will find funny.

Its attempts of appealing to an older audience fail miserably, with jokes such as a teenage girl telling a teenage boy he has a big cucumber feeling inappropriate and creepy.

It’s really annoying. I was annoyed within the first two minutes, from the very first line spoken by David Walliams who has somehow become even more irritating since Little Britain.

Extremely televisual with an episodic script (Pudsey and the boy who fell down the well, Pudsey and the escape from dog prison), it come across as a blatant cash cow.

How did this dog even win a talent show? Sure, the whole dancing thing is cute the first time around but it begins to wear thin very quickly.

If you’re a parent reading this and thinking of taking your child to the cinema this weekend, I implore you take them to How To Train Your Dragon 2 instead. It’ll be a much more rewarding experience all round.

Pudsey The Dog: The Movie is pointless, cringe-y and just plain stupid. Younger film-goers deserve better than this.

Image credit to http://www.imdb.com


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