Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie: Review


After selling five million DVDs and touring a hugely popular arena stage show, a film from the BBC hit sitcom Mrs Brown’s Boys was inevitable.

Having only seen one episode of its three series run, my excitement levels weren’t exactly high for this film; cleverly titled ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie’.

Neither special nor disappointing, it’s a whimper of a film which proves that a bigger budget doesn’t necessarily mean a better final product.

I like the basic concept of Mrs Brown’s Boys; its cartoonish and anarchic style especially appealing to me. It actually reminds me of the Muppets in its self-referencing style and fourth wall breaking, only a lot less funny and with a man in drag.

The films main problem is its story. With 90 minutes to fill, a very paint-by-numbers plot actually drags everything down.

In a weak attempt to give the film some depth, the story brings to light Mrs Brown’s secret and shameful past. However, the result is just cringy, especially when soundtracked to songs such as “You Raise Me Up”.

Sure the humour is very hit and miss and for the most part it does miss, but I would have gladly substituted the weak “story” for more gags.

This leads me to think that I would find the series much more serviceable than the film; though I’m not exactly itching to seek it out.

It does have its funny moments, mainly concerning blind ninjas. You get the impression that the film was a lot of fun to make; probably more fun that actually watching it though, with its considerably low laugh count.

With its working class sentiments and abrasive comedy, on paper Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie should have been right up my street. It left me under-whelmed though, and I wouldn’t be surprised if even the most avid fans of the show would feel the same way.

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