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I do not like sport, never have and never will. If I had to choose a sport which I particularly found boring I would say golf, just below cricket.

This in mind it was with great ignorance that I walked into Seve, a docu-drama about golfing legend Severiano Ballesteros.

Despite my initial ignorance and dis-interest in the sport however, I found the film to be nothing short of inspirational.

Made by documentarian John-Paul Davidson who has primarily worked in television with the likes of Stephen Fry and Michael Palin, it’s an innovative and clever take on a biopic.

For the most part a drama, the real life images and comments from Ballesteros’ peers and commentators serve to enhance the viewing experience and deepen your investment in the film.

It helps that these “re-constructions” of Seve in his youth are shot really well, the locations providing a beautiful backdrop to proceedings.

It’s the performances of the cast that really stand out though, particularly that of the young Jose Luis Gutierrez who shines in his portrayal of Seve.

He nails all the characteristics of his real life counterpart and as the film cuts between real life and drama, you truly believe that the two are one in the same.

For all of the above, the main reason the film works so well for me is that Ballesteros’ story is one of from rags to riches.

A boy from humble beginnings who worked terribly hard to get where he wanted to be, improvising and adapting to hone his natural ability against the odds.

It’s one that’s impossible not to get swept away in and is truly inspirational for anybody who has ever dreamt of achieving the seemingly impossible.

The most interesting part of the film is it’s subject though in Seve. A Beatles-esque rock ‘n’ roll star of the golfing world, his charisma, his abundant confidence but above all else his commitment to his craft makes him a fascinating watch.

Whilst I think the film loses it’s way towards the end, the dramatic side tailing off to make way for more of the real life footage, I can’t say that for one minute I was bored.

Quite the contrary actually. Seve is a powerful and moving story that is technically and creativity very well done. Regardless of whether or not you like golf or sport in general, I highly recommend this one.

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