Blue Ruin: Review

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Blue Ruin is all the more rewarding the less you know about it, and one of the biggest surprises this year.

An expertley crafted thriller, free from an over-complicated plot and cliched characters; it’s filled with with suspense, intrigue and has great depth to it too.

Writer, director and cinematographer Jeremy Saulnier takes a very linear revenge story and turns it into a visually and emotionally compelling piece of film. With a small amount of dialogue, the film operates on a ‘show and not tell’ basis, and the tension is found primarily in the long sequences where little is said.

It looks fantastic and there’s a great composition to each of the shots; it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into every frame, making you want to pause it at certain points to fully appreciate this.

The film’s central performance from Macon Blair is outstanding, conveying meaning through his physical stances and piercing eyes rather than speech. I loved his character too; a hapless, pathetic everyman who’s in over his head, and a stark comparison to the bulletproof heroes that usually clutter our screens.

You’ll be rooting for him even when you think you shouldn’t be and the film takes great pleasure in getting you to question your own morals as well as the characters’.

Blue Ruin feels like a film of old where writers and directors had to rely on more than special effects and elaborate action sequences to make an exciting feature. It runs at a brisk 90 minutes, has a very basic plot and is all the better for it.

A future cult-classic, it’s a thriller with real teeth and a sinister smirk; straight to the point, violent, darkly comic and so suspenseful that your body won’t relax until you leave. See this as soon as you can.



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