Rio 2: Review

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Rio 2 finds Blu, his wife Jewel and their three children taking a trip to the Amazon when a group of Blue Macaws are discovered. Whilst there, Blu must deal with former nemesis Nigel, loggers, and the most frightening thing of all; his father in law.
Whilst Rio 2 is a much better film than its predecessor, it still remains a mixed bag. There’s no denying that it looks brilliant, and the vibrant settings of both Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon makes it at the very least enjoyable to look at.
The problem the film has is its over-complicated plot and the multiple threads that were never really given enough time to focus on or invest in.
There’s really an awful lot going on in this, with Blu trying to impress his father in law, a revenge mission headed by the first film’s villian (shoehorned in needlessly), some kind of talent show thing and even a football match shifting focus away from the more interesting and important message about conservation that should have been at the centre of the film.
All of this means that the film feels longer than it should be and you’ll definitely be checking your watch throughout, despite its average run time.
Whilst Rio 2 has excellent animation and a few chuckle-worthy moments, it sadly suffers in terms of its plot. It’s not as awful as it could have been but there are far better options for family viewing out at the moment.



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