Escape From Planet Earth: Review

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When extra-terrestrial astronaught Scorch Supernova is taken captive whilst on a mission to the “dark planet” (Earth), it’s up to his less than courageous brother Gary (because apparently despite living on a planet called Baab, aliens still have run of the mill human names) to rescue him and an array of other alien hostages.

Escape From Planet Earth is in no way a complete disaster and actually plays to it’s audience rather well. From an adults perspective there’s nothing of any real worth; it certainly isn’t as entertaining as The Lego Movie or any of the Pixar films but there’s enough slapstick humour and explosions to keep it’s younger audience engaged.
The animation is bright and colourful but does border on straight-to-television at times.. but then again looks nowhere near as bad as that for The Postman Pat movie I saw previewed before this.
The voice cast offers very little, the majority of which seem to be going through the motions, especially Ricky Gervais who I’m sure cashed in this pay cheque gleefully and proves nothing more than a distraction whenever his Brent-ish mannerisms can be heard on screen.
It’s loud, bold, silly, and has enough action to keep the little ones entertained but is unlikely to do much for the older audience.

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