The Lego Movie: Review

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The Lego Movie follows Emmet, an average Lego minifigure who struggles to fit in with his fellow Lego Figures.When he’s mistakenly thought to be the legendary master builder, he sets out to stop the evil Lord Business and fulfill an ancient prophecy which may or may not have been made up.

Now the first thing you need to know is that I am not a fan of Lego, never have been and have never really seen it’s appeal. I mean if I want to play an Indiana Jones game why would I want to play a Lego version?

I’m fully aware that I’ve probably missed the point and I do know family members and friends of all ages who love it but it’s never been my sort of thing.

With this in mind I went into a The Lego Movie with a heavy heart and not knowing what to expect at all. Thankfully it wasn’t half as dreadful as I was expecting and despite it not blowing me away, I came out of the cinema relatively unscathed afterwards.

Visually it’s an excellent watch and the amount of detail that fills the screen throughout is really rather impressive. It has a couple of moments worthy of a chuckle here and there which mainly comes from the films acknowledgement of its own absurdity but unfortunately fails to warrant more than just a chuckle.

The voice work is pretty great too and the fact that you have A-list actors such as Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson playing these over the top characters injects a bit if humour into proceedings too.

The only problem is that after about twenty minutes of the silly humour I found it to become a bit tiresome to the point of exhaustion at points. Toward the end of the film there’s a reveal which I wasn’t expecting at all which really grounds the film in its final few moments, an interesting twist which if it had been introduced sooner and explored in detail may have made for a much better watch.

That being said there’s not a lot to hate about The Lego Movie. Children will love it and I’m sure avid Lego fans will too. Layered with pop culture references and a few chuckles throughout on top of its excellent animation and cast, it’s far from a disaster but potentially could have been a lot better.


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