I, Frankenstein: Review

Image from: geektyrant.com
I, Frankenstein is what I’m guessing the film makers are calling a “re-imagining” of the iconic story. Set 200 years after the book, we find Frankenstein’s monster caught up in a centuries old battle between angels who watch over mankind in disguise as gargoyles and demons who have a particular interest in using the creature for their own evil purposes.

Now if you’ve read that synopsis and think that concept sounds completely ludicrous it’s because it is. I like to think I have a great imagination and can be forgiving of the most silly of films but I, Frankenstein is a truly dreary film which despite it’s short run time still had me itching to leave the cinema.

After a quick re-cap of the events that take place in the book which only succeeded in making me wish I was watching another adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic, the film suddenly becomes an extended episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or in this case demon slayer, only handled less successfully.

Why is it so unsuccessful? Well it’s a combination of things, the most obvious of which is it’s sub-standard script which feels like it’s been written by a twelve year old boy. There’s no character development and the dialogue is so terrible and generic that I couldn’t help but feel bad for the actors performing them but then they should know better.

I’m not one to usually get hung up on plot holes either but with this they are so glaringly obvious and off putting that there was no chance of me becoming involved in the story at all. Big battles between gargoyles and demons take place out in the open in the middle of a city and I’m sat there thinking where are all the humans? Even Frankenstein who says himself that he was pieced together by I think eight different people is the picture of perfect physicality despite a few scars, six pack and all. The absurdity of it all just left me shaking my head in disbelief at what I was watching.

To top it all off, considering this is supposed to be a special effects laden popcorn movie, the actual effects are dreadful compared to what we are used to today meaning the film isn’t even good to look at. Even the action sequences are considerably lack luster and have no tension whatsoever. By the films final moments I couldn’t have cared less as to whether the world was saved or not because by that point my will to live had pretty much dissipated.

Having said all this I still think I, Frankenstein will play well to a younger audience in particularly due to the fact that it does hit all the right generic notes and whereas I rolled my eyes a number of times at the cheap lines, I can imagine teenage boys thinking they were “cool” and “awesome”.

Overall though it is a completely forgetful film which takes a classic story and just ruins it. Like Frankenstein himself, it has no soul and on top of that no tension and quite frankly no script. Go see it if you must but you have been warned.


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