Thor: The Dark World: Review

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Forget Iron Man and Captain America, Thor, as far as I’m concerned is the most entertaining character Marvel currently have on their books.
I loved the first film for all of It’s fantasy elements, standing out as a modern day Masters of The Universe.
It’s second instalment, subtitled The Dark World, takes place two years after the events of the first and this time pits our hero against an ancient band of dark elves who of course want to destroy the world, at least I think so. 
The sequel is for the most part a much better film than the first and overall is the best film Marvel have produced so far.
It’s certainly on a much bigger scale and the action sequences, specifically the attack on Asgard, are up there with some of the best in this genre..
The film works really well when it embraces it’s fantasy elements and this time we are treated to more time on Asgard which looks visually stunning, on top of visiting some of the other realms, however brief that may be.
There’s a lot of excellent performances throughout from Anthony Hopkins as Odin who plays it as if he were in a Shakespearean production, to my personal favorite, Idris Elba, as Heimdall who continues to be a bad ass. It’s almost a crime we don’t get to see more of him and I would easily sit through a film focusing on his bad ass ways.
Chris Hemsworth however basically goes through the motions this time around and I much preferred his performance in the first as the arrogant god banished to earth. There’s no real character development this time around and despite some major things happening to him throughout, it honestly feels like he couldn’t really give a toss.
Natalie Portman, I just found irritating and again just couldn’t connect to her character at all. One minute she’s a super smart scientist but the next nothing more than a love sick teenager.
Tom Hiddleston does admirable work as Loki again but his character has become so over exposed in the Marvel universe you can’t help but feel a little bored of him. It doesn’t help either that the majority of his dialogue is different variations of “I’m surprised you can trust me brother”. He’s so over the top evil that it’s almost become self parody now  and for me it just doesn’t work.
The main villain in Malekith, played by former Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston, and his army of dark elves are pretty cool though, albeit without any real purpose save for being evil.
The main problem I have with the film and it’s becoming an increasingly annoying factor in all of Marvels films is it’s attempt at smart ass humour. 
Am I seriously supposed to believe that everybody that exists within this universe is a comedian who even in the face of total annihilation cracks a joke? I understand you need to have comedy relief, but to the degree where it just distracts from everything else in the film isn’t great. 
Case in point is the final action scene where throughout this battle between good and evil we keep cutting to these stupid little “funny moments” which just take me out of the moment completely. Especially Darcy, Jane Fosters Intern who just radiates annoying and surely is the Jar Jar Binks of Marvel.
The crowd loved it but I’m sick of it.
Rant over, despite these issues, Thor: The Dark World still manages to be a thoroughly enjoyable two hours of film when it focuses on it’s actual story as opposed to laughs.
Does it add anything to the genre? Not really, and I’ve seen fantasy and Sci-fi done better but if
you’re after popcorn fodder this weekend, you can’t go far wrong with this film. 

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