Escape Plan: Review

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There’s nothing I can say about Escape Plan that should surprise you.

It has a pretty nifty plot which sees Ray Breslin, a Houdini type “structural security authority” who finds himself put in The Tomb, a top secret, seemingly un-escapable prison and his toughest challenge yet, by people who want to make him disappear.
Despite it’s cool story, Escape Plan would undoubtedly have been a straight to DVD release had it not found the star power of Stallone, who plays Breslin and Schwarzenegger who plays his accomplice, Rottmayer.
The writing is of course sub standard and whilst it tries to be clever, ultimately falls into the same familiar action scenes we’re used to seeing in a Sly or Arnie film.

There’s plot holes galore throughout and the twist at the end is so predictable it’s almost insulting to have to sit there for an hour and a half while the film makers treat us like fools.

Sly and Arnie are obviously the best part of the film and getting to see these two act together in more than an extended cameo in Expendables is fantastic. They each have some classic lines such as “You punch like a vegetarian”, said in a way only Schwarzenegger could say and somehow pull it off and their chemistry is as good as you would expect from their calibre of “acting”.

The rest of the cast is probably one of the most bizarre I have seen in a while with an excellently evil Jim Caviezel as the warden, Sam Neill as a doctor who randomly pops up in about three scenes and whose intentions confused the hell out of me, 50 cent as a techy guy and Vinnie Jones as the henchman.

Despite giving me a few smiles and laughs throughout, Escape Plan, whilst being more entertaining than these two icon’s other films of late, overall fails to achieve the greatness of other films in their catalogue.

If your a fan of either Sly or Arnie, you’ll undoubtedly find something to enjoy in the film based purely on the nostalgia factor but otherwise it is an un-inspired two hours with lack luster action.

Save it for DVD.


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