Turbo: Review

Image from: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1860353/
Turbo is one of the better animations I’ve seen in a while. 
It tells the story of Theo, a snail who dreams of being a race car and gets the chance to after a freak accident leaves him with all the properties of one.
After the disappointing Rise of the Guardians last year this is Dreamworks Animation back on track and has the potential for multiple films to follow, something I’d be game for.
Firstly it has a great cast with Ryan Reynolds as the hero of the film and Paul Giamatti as his brother Chet, my favourite character of the film. It’s the relationship between the two brothers, the dreamer and the worrier which really made Turbo stand out for me and is surprisingly well written for a film of this kind.
It has Snoop Dogg and more importantly Samuel L. Jackson who, even as a snail, oozes coolness. They make up part of it’s supporting cast and bring  a lot of the comic relief with them. 
Secondly, the writing is pretty spot on and manges to get the balance between entertaining adults and kids just right. It’s not as slapstick or as silly as other films in the genre and as mentioned before, through the relationship between the two brothers, has moments dotted throughout that manage to resonate well.
Lastly, the animation itself is of a higher standard than others. Not quite at the levels of Pixar but still detailed and colourful enough to keep you visually interested.
Overall Turbo is worth taking your kids to this weekend or next when it’s officially released. You may even enjoy it too.

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