Insidious Chapter 2: Review

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I recently caught the first Insidious on television as I missed it completely in the cinema. I enjoyed it enough to warrant a watch of its sequel but wasn’t as blown away by it as other people seemed to be.
Insidious Chapter 2 picks up right from the first films shocking ending and over the course of just over an hour and a half attempts to explain and expand on the ghostly going ons.
Throughout this sequel I found myself jumping, excited and generally enjoying myself. It packs a lot of good scares and has a pretty tense climax.
However, on leaving the cinema I found myself confused by a lot of what I’d just seen. This is because Insidious Chapter 2 unfortunately falls into the franchise trap most successful horror films seem to do these days. Rather than focus on one story at a time, the film makers seem to be always trying to set up a sequel and build this mythology which isn’t always necessary for a horror film. 
Sometimes it’s just too much and in this case it defiantly is. The screen play takes us in so many different directions it’s difficult to really understand everything that’s going on and route for characters you’ve hardly seen through the film.
It’s as if it just abandons significant plot points half way through too such as the picture which seemed so
shocking at the end of the first, we don’t even see it and the little baby girl who seems to be attracting a lot of attention from ghosts just simply disappears from the last half of the film not to be seen again with no explanation as to what was going on.
This and probably the most frustratingly annoying characters I’ve seen on screen all year in ghost hunters Specs and Tucker just ruin the film for me.
One moment of greatness I will give the film is towards the end which cleverly goes all Back To The Future Part 2, setting some of the action of the sequel in the first film. This really worked for me and if it had been handled a bit better could have redeemed it slightly.
Insidious 2 is a typical fast food movie. You’ll enjoy it at the time but afterwards will be left with a feeling that all isn’t quite right. 

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