The Lone Ranger: Review

The Lone Ranger has always been a film that could go either way for me. It’s undoubtedly a flop with critics giving it a bashing and Disney announcing that they predict a loss on it.

That being said, I like myself a good Western and despite negative reviews, went into The Lone Ranger in a positive frame of mind.

Now the film itself is no disaster and I’ve seen worse this year. 

The two main things it has going for it is it’s charming leads, Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp who once again puts in a memorable performance as Tonto.

The other is the direction by Gore Verbinski. Forget the Pirates of the Caribbean films, anyone who has seen Rango or The Weatherman will know just how weird and dark Verbinski can go with his films and this is no exception.

There’s a darkness through The Lone Ranger which I defiantly wasn’t expecting and Verbinski twists and utilises the scenery to make some pretty out there stuff. He also takes a Tarantino-esque approach to the narrative at times which for me worked really well.

However the film constantly struggles between being different and pleasing an audience expecting a standard blockbuster. And this is it’s main pitfall.

After a great opening and before an entertaining climax, both involving runaway trains, the film just lulls.

There’s about an hour where our characters go from location to location and put in various situations which in the grand scheme of things don’t serve much of a purpose or drive forward the story at all.

It gets lost in the story that it’s trying to tell and just over complicates things with a Searchers type plot of trying to find kidnapped loved ones and the conspiracy of the white man instigating war with the Native Americans. It’s just too much.

So rather than a concise, tight story we instead get a bloated two and a half hour film which for the most part goes round in circles. Had the screenwriters trimmed of some of the scripts fat I honestly believe that The Lone Ranger wouldn’t have gotten the reviews it’s had.
There is a lot of entertainment throughout and the set pieces at the beginning and end are clever and exciting. The audience I saw this with seemed to really like the film too, laughing throughout due to the chemistry between the two leads.

Unfortunatly this isn’t quite enough to save The Lone Ranger though. I would still recommend giving it a watch but maybe waiting until it’s on rental for this one.


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