The Conjuring: Review

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On the surface, The Conjuring is another one of those horror films supposedly based on a true story, about a family who move into a new house to find it possessed by something evil.

It’s so much more than that though. I’m not the biggest horror fan out there and think a lot of original ideas such as Paranormal Activity and Saw have just been ruined by their countless sequels, making it hard for any horror film to do something different.
The Conjuring does have some moments where it falls into some pretty familiar territory with people being dragged across the floor by invisible forces and exorcisms but for the most part impresses with it’s new and well thought out scares. One of which made Adelle jump so much that her glasses flew off. 
It’s a slow burner of a film, taking time to build what other films in the genre lack, suspense. We actually have time to get to know and care for the characters too, who are actually well written and intelligent as opposed to the run of the mill jerks and sceptics that usually take centre stage in these films.
This is one of the main reasons the film works so well because by the time everything kicks off, and boy does it kick off, I couldn’t help but be invested completely in the story.
By the time the films truly exciting finale came around my nerves were shredded, my one hand was at my mouth and the other was clutching Adelle’s hand so tight I was so tense. It really is that good.
The Conjuring isn’t the scariest film ever made and it doesn’t need to be. It’s exciting, suspenseful and a breath of fresh air for the genre. I just hope that Hollywood doesn’t make a sequel to this every year and leaves this little gem alone.

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