Is it too soon for a Superman/Batman movie?

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So yesterday at Comic Con Warner Brothers announced that the sequel to Man of Steel will in fact see Superman and Batman go head to head.

What we know so far is that it will be released in 2015, already a big year for film with other releases such as Star Wars Episode 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jurassic Park 4 and more than likely the new Bond. Nolan will executive produce this time with Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer returning to their directing and writing roles. 
Henry Cavill will defiantly be back as Supes but you can expect to see a new actor playing Batman and the film is apparently going to take elements from Frank Millers graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns.
Now the announcement of a joint Superman and Batman film isn’t too shocking, especially considering that a Wayne Enterprises satellite made an appearance in the latest Superman film. What is shocking is just how quickly this has come about.
It’s no secret that Warner Brothers have been itching to make themselves some Avengers money ever since it was released and the quickest way to do that is to start bringing their DC properties together in a Justice League film. 
Patience is a virtue though and you can’t argue that Marvel have handled their films brilliantly over the last few years, introducing us to the characters in stand alone films, all the while building up this huge universe which eventually crosses over in the team up movie.
It’s quite clear that Warner Brothers have thrown out this idea though, obviously too eager to get their hands on mega bucks, which in the long run could be a downfall for them and tarnish the reputation they’ve made for themselves with Nolans Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel.
Considering how much difficulty the studio has had over the past thirty something years to make Superman feel relevant and exciting again, I find it even more shocking that they would decide to over shadow the Man of Steel sequel with the introduction of Batman as opposed to just have him make an appearance in a post credits scene. To me it’s as if they have no faith in Superman as a character and would much rather have the much more popular and successful superhero draw people in.
Even after the huge critical and commercial success of The Dark Knight Trilogy, you would think that they would rather introduce us to the new Batman and his universe in a stand alone film as opposed to just throw him into a joint effort. I struggle to think how we will get any character development what so ever.
The only positive I can see from this announcement is the people who are still attached to the project, Nolan especially. He strikes me as a film maker with integrity and surely he wouldn’t be involved with this project if he didn’t have faith that it could work.
Overall though, I think Warner Brothers has just made a very big mistake in this announcement and get the impression that it’s the money more than the film goers that has influenced this decision. 
I hope I’m proven wrong and the film is amazing but for now I remain very sceptical. 
What are your thoughts? Share them below..

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