Monsters University: Review

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Monsters Inc. is easily one of Pixars most entertaining and memorable films in their collection.

With a pretty closed ending though it was always going to be difficult to find a story good enough to bring the characters back.
That hasn’t stopped Pixar finding a way though and rather than a sequel they’ve decided to go down the prequel route, focusing on Mike and Sulley as they start Monsters University to become scarers.
It’s a film which doesn’t have a stand out moment like Pixar’s previous entries but it surprised me that it’s as good as if not better than Monsters Inc.
This is mainly due to the overall message of the film which without giving too much away deals with finding a persons true calling and coming to terms with the fact that not all dreams can come true. Hardly inspirational but realistic. 
The same applies to the relationship between Mike and Sulley who start out hating each other but grow to become friends. The characters and the relationship they have are well written and thought out.
They are once again performed excellently by Billy Crystal and John Goodman who clearly had a great time reprising their original roles.
This time they are joined by a much wider cast that includes Helen Mirren, Nathan Fillion, Sean Hayes and Alfred Molina who each add a lot to the film, no matter how small the role.
The animation is truly outstanding too and the amount of detail in every shot is amazing. There are so many characters, each with their own special appearance that fill the screen constantly and some of the locations look so close to reality it’s hard at times to believe that it’s not.
All of this added up makes Monsters University a great addition to the Pixar series, full of the same wit and charm of it’s original.

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