Editors: The Weight Of Your Love

Image From: http://www.editorsoffical.com

After falling into the dreadful third album trap and I mean dreadful, Editors have a lot to prove with their new album, The Weight Of Your Love.

The band are clearly aware of this too as lead singer Tom Smith sings the lines “I wouldn’t talk about death, I know I’m getting boring” during opening track The Weight, a decidedly slow starter to the album.

Despite the above statement, their new album is far from a happy affair and unlikely to be a summer favourite. It very rarely changes pace from it’s dreary opener except for lead single A Ton of Love which has the band channel their inner U2. It’s a great track and Tom Smith’s voice is on top form.

Smith’s voice continues to impress with the next track What is this thing called Love, where he swaps his usual gravely tones for something a little higher. The actual song itself is actually one of the highlights of the album and manages to distinguish itself with an excellent chorus.
Formaldehyde and Hyena are the closest tracks here to the bands early stuff filled with dirty bass and guitar but other than that the rest of the album feels a bit samey, on the borderline even of boring.
The weight of your Love is by all means a vast improvement on the last album and is no disaster, however it does not achieve the greatness of Editors previous tracks such as Munich or Blood.
For anybody who complains about Coldplay being boring and depressing I would defiantly avoid this album, otherwise I’d still recommend giving it a listen. It may be a grower but for the moment The Weight Of Your Love is nothing more than a middle of the road album.

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