World War Z: Review

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Max Brooks novel World War Z is a fun, smart and detailed account of a zombie apocalypse. So detailed in fact that when I read it a couple of years ago it seemed clear that it would be a hard job to bring this vast universe to the screen.

Regardless, it’s big screen adaptation is in cinemas now, choosing to move away from the the post war aspect and instead throw us into the very centre of it.
I didn’t know how I was going to react to this film but I came out of it for the most part liking it.
It is slightly more dumbed down than the book and it doesn’t particularly add anything new to the zombie genre but it is a really fun two hours at the cinema.
There’s plenty of excitement throughout and the set pieces are great. There are excellent moments of tension too and at one point I thought Adelle’s nails were going to cut my hand open she was clenching it so tight.

I also found  myself actually liking the central characters who make for a refreshing change from the clumsy, annoying and quite frankly stupid characters that have been seen in previous zombie films. For the most part the people in this film are mature, quick thinking and intelligent, actually making clever choices as opposed to running around screaming for two hours.

Brad Pitt and his hair put in a standard performance that you would expect from this type of summer film and his supporting cast such as James Badge Dale and Mireille Enos do well with what they are given.

Overall World War Z is not a perfect film by any means. It’s certainly not as involving or original as it’s book but it is a decent Saturday night date film with a few scares and a few thrills too.


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