Despicable Me 2: Review

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Despicable Me is a great piece of animated film. Genuinely funny, original and warm, it’s a film I have watched many times since it’s release and I’m still not bored of it.

So I’ve been waiting for Despicable Me 2 with hope that it could equal, if not top the original. 
The sequel has Gru being recruited by the a-v-l (anti-villain-league) to stop a new villain who has stolen a top secret facility, all the while taking the natural route of finding him a wife.
While it has consistent laughs throughout Despicable Me 2 lacks the charm of the original. 
The story doesn’t feel as coherent as the first, setting up plot points which seem to be brushed aside by the next scene. The minions are given a lot more screen time this time too and there’s a constant struggle of focus between them and Gru, the much more interesting character.
The fact that his prospective wife, Lucy, played by Kristen Wiig annoyed me from the moment she was on screen doesn’t help matters either. Their relationship isn’t the most believable and comes out of nowhere, a sign of lazy writing more than anything.
Steve Carell is still excellent in the lead role though and the film could have been slightly better had it given him a bit more to do.
Children will no doubt enjoy Despicable Me 2  and will most likely be thankful for more time with the Minions but if your an adult who loved the first film I would lower your expectations slightly before hand.

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