Miles Kane: Don’t Forget Who You Are

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I’ve never taken any real interest in Miles Kane other than when he and Alex Turner formed The Last Shadow Puppets.

The first single to be taken off of his new album, Don’t Forget Who You Are, really peaked my interest though and I have since had the pleasure in hearing his second solo album.
It’s pretty great. An album that sounds like it’s been plucked right out of the 60’s mod scene, laden with guitars and straight to the point.
Opening song, Taking Over, sets the tone of the rest of the album with an excellent riff and a chorus filled with oh oh oh’s.
The title track swiftly follows and is by far my favourite on the album. It’s an anthem and slightly addictive. You’ll defiantly find yourself singing or humming it long after you’ve heard it.

The album is relentless but Out Of Control is a rare change of pace, a straight up love song and the only real romantic one to be found here whilst Tonight is it’s polar opposite, a scornful break up song.

Paul Weller collaboration, You’re Gonna Get It, is another highlight on the album and is as snarling a rock song as you could hope for.
The album ends on a high note with Darkness In Our Hearts, probably the loudest and messiest song on the album which is saying something with the amount of guitar that is on each track.
Don’t Forget Who You Are is the first real stand out album of the year so far.
It’s not overproduced, extremely British and is worthy of the same kind of acclaim any Arctic Monkeys album has had in the past.
For fans of Miles Kane’s already I’m sure they’ll probably think that me and a lot more people will be jumping on the “bandwagon” with this album, but the important thing is that his music is reaching a wider audience. I’ll be sure to check out his stuff from now on.
Don’t forget who you are is out June 3rd and is defiantly worth a buy.

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