Star Trek Into Darkness: Review

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I am not a Trekkie nor have I ever followed the show religiously. I admire what the original show was trying to achieve though, way ahead of its time in many ways and have enjoyed the majority of the films that have been released.
The last Star Trek was excellent, with an incredibly clever screenplay making it both a sequel and a re-boot all at once. However, four years have passed since that and in the mean time any real excitement for the sequel I may have had has started to wane over the course of that time ( same goes for the How to train your Dragon sequel).
So, is Star Trek Into Darkness worth the wait? 
In a word, yes.
I had so much fun with this, probably more so than any other film so far this year.
The film is filled with action and from the very beginning we are thrown straight into it. It’s relentless and well crafted action which actually had me in suspense as opposed to being void of any real meaning or purpose.
This is helped by the fact that we are given a chance to get to know and care for the characters with the bromance between Spock and Kirk taking centre stage.
This particular relationship brings a lot of humour and emotion to the film and the chemistry between Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto is excellent. Quinto in particularly is flawless as Spock and clearly has a lot of respect for the character.
I’ve never been a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch but this is the first time where I haven’t found him annoying. His performance as John Harrison is everything you’d want out of a villain. He plays the role with a coldness and ferocity of say a Hannibal Lecter in space and it’s great to watch.

The rest of the cast are great in their individual roles too and prove great substitutes of the shows original cast.

J.J Abrams, a name which has quickly become as familiar to film goers as Spielberg, directs with confidence and the film showcases why he has been chosen to helm the new Star Wars. The film is way over the top with lens flares but I am glad he stayed away from making a Christopher Nolan’s Star Trek.

I know when it was announced he’s directing the new Star Wars, a lot of Trek fans all over the world felt betrayed and stabbed in the back. Do I think he’ll direct a third Star Trek? No, but my guess is he will more than likely stay on board a producer as he has done with the Mission Impossible franchise.

Abrams has said himself in interviews he never really “got” Star Trek until making these films which makes his directing all the more impressive and leads me to believe that the new Star Wars, his true love, could end up being something special.

Credit goes to Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof, Abrams go to guys, who crafted a great screenplay which remains true to the previous instalments but yet surprised me in the risks it took to also keep it separate from the other films.

In regards to flaws, the film doesn’t have many despite the aforementioned lens flares which did get distracting after a while and the reveal of a villain who seemed to be evil for the sake of being evil. These minor things aren’t too much of an issue though and there’s a lot more to like than there is to dislike.

I would gladly go watch Star Trek Into Darkness again, which surprises me massively. It’s clever sci-fi filled with great action sequences, humour and a memorable villain. Let’s just hope it’s not another four years until the next one.


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