Noah and the Whale: Heart of Nowhere

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Noah and the Whale have released two great albums out of three, which isn’t anything to be ashamed of.

Their debut album is what it is, filled with upbeat pop song after upbeat pop song, perfect for a summer afternoon.

Their second album however is it’s polar opposite, an excellent break up album filled with despair, regret and a longing for blue skies.

Last night on earth, the last album the band released was a mixed bag and despite having some stand out songs such as wild thing, was overall a disappointment.
Now Noah and the Whale have released Heart of Nowhere, an album which I went into with a considerable amount of doubt since their previous effort.
Title track, Heart of Nowhere kicks proceedings off with a bang, filled with strings, a ear worm melody and the albums most catchy chorus. It’s the stand out track on the album and one of the bests the band have written so far in their career.

Unfortunately from there on in the album feels flat and no other song manages to top the first. All Through The Night comes close but the constant “oh you didn’t think so baby” can get a bit tedious after a while and lacks direction.

One More Night sounds like it belongs on a cheesy 80’s movie montage, playing over scenes of our hero walking on a beach, gazing out at sea, thinking of the woman he has just lost and only now realised he loves. For that alone it’s memorable and is Noah and the Whale at their most romantic.
Closing track Not Too Late is the most stripped down song on the album and gives me hope that the next won’t be as overproduced as the last two. 
For now though it seems that Noah and the Whale seem comfortable in the type of music they are releasing. 
It’s not terrible music but forgettable compared to their early stuff. Heart of Nowhere has it’s moments but if you were to just buy it’s title single you wouldn’t be missing out on much else.

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