Olympus Has Fallen: Review

Image from: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2302755/
In the first of two films this year to feature the White House under attack, Olympus Has Fallen follows disgraced Presidential guard Mike Banning who is given the chance of redemption when the White House is attacked and the President taken hostage by terrorists.
If you’ve seen any of the marketing for Olympus Has Fallen, you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect before going in. Bad guys attack America, this time the North Koreans (Awkward), good guy saves the day, America is great and will always survive, the end, and I don’t think that’s spoiling anything for anybody here.
From the opening credits which has the stars and stripes swaying in the wind through the title of the film against a patriotic score, I knew that for the next two hours I would be in for some pro-America cringiness. I was right, but it’s okay as Olympus Has Fallen is so trivial it’s hard to take any political message or stereotype portrayed in the film seriously.
The dialogue is awful with lines such as “let’s play a game of fuck off and you go first”, and the film steals so much from Die Hard and 24 to the point where it’s distracting at times but despite all of this I found myself actually enjoying it. 
The action is pretty full on and anybody who has missed the brutality and edge from the most recent Die Hard films will surely be pleased with this. I was a little disappointed with the set pieces or lack of but the film redeems itself with a pretty tense climax. 
Again, the performances are exactly what you’d expect from this type of film and again Morgan Freeman is awesome. Gerard Butler does a good job as the bad ass hero but his character felt boring and like a failed attempt at a John McClain/Jack Bauer hybrid.
It may lack substance and originality but Olympus Has Fallen is an entertaining two hours packed full of action from start to finish and is a safe bet for a Saturday night film.

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