Oblivion: Review

Image from imdb.com

Oblivion is a great concept lost amongst too much exposition. The films heads down so many different directions that it feels confused and unsure as to what it is trying to achieve. With three writers credited to the screenplay, Star Wars Episode VII writer Michael Arndt being with them, it’s easy to see how this could have happened.

There are so many ideas, none of which are particularly original for a sci-fi film, such as clones, a red eyed machine with a creepy voice and a human resistance led by Morgan Freeman who is basically Morpheus, which clutter the story more than anything.

It’s a shame as with a tighter screenplay I think Oblivion could have been a great film. Visually it’s pretty awesome, from the baron earth to the finale in space and the action sequences are impressive too, particularly the spaceship/drone chase scene.

The acting across the board is pretty much of a standard you’d expect with this type of popcorn film.

I like Tom Cruise. Forget the whole Scientology and Oprah stuff, as a leading man, especially in films like this or Mission Impossible I still rate him as one of the best. Sure he’s not the greatest actor in the world and his performance here is nothing amazing but as an action star I buy into him.

This is the first film I have seen with Andrea Riseborough in and she impressed me in her role of Victoria, more so than Olga Kurylenko whose acting is on the borderline of forgetful.

Morgan Freeman basically gets an extended cameo here and as I mentioned before, basically plays Morpheus from The Matrix. Despite this though, he continues to prove why he is one of the coolest actors in the world and it was a joy to see him kick ass as a cigar smoking, sun glasses wearing leader of the resistance.

The soundtrack deserves a mention too as it is one of the bests I have heard in a long time mainly due to M83. Think Hans Zimmer’s Inception meets Tron.

Oblivion is not a terrible film, it’s an easy to watch, summer blockbuster with some great action sequences. If you like your sci-fi with some originality and social commentary, á la District 9, you might find this film lacking. 


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