Foals: Holy Fire

So I’ve been meaning to write a non-movie related post for a while now. Over the course of the next few months, I am aiming to write a lot on here about music and whatever else I might think is worth writing about.
Foals are a band which I’ve always been fond of. Their second album, Total Life Forever, really impressed me and was a favourite of mine when it was released in 2010. It was a much more fully formed album compared to their debut and proved that Foals could do more than write songs for the indie dance floor.

On Monday, Foals released their third album, Holy Fire, an album I’ve been looking forward to first and foremost to see which direction Foals would take this time around.

Holy Fire is for the most part vastly different from Foals previous efforts and is a step towards a much more commercial and wider fan base.

This isn’t a bad thing of course because no matter how popular a band may be, the important thing is the songs and Holy Fire has quite a few good ones.

My Number and Everytime are straight up pop songs with sing along choruses which I imagine will get a lot of radio play over the next year and have people who have never even heard of Foals before, sit up and take notice.

With this album, you can clearly see that the band were more laid back in it’s making and less self conscious to go over the top with everything. Bad Habit and Late Night feel raw and are Foals at their most soulful. On these tracks in particular it’s great to hear lead singer Yannis Philippakis voice take centre stage without again going over the top or anything, just straight up singing.
Inhaler, the lead single and Providence, are the only real tracks on this album which really feel like Foals songs and even they are heavier and more rock than anything they’ve done before.
Together, as an album though it all strangely works. It has hints of the Foals I’ve followed since their first album but is larger in scale than the other two . It’s their easiest album to listen to and their best one yet. I’m expecting this to be a big year for Foals and rightly so.


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