Wreck It Ralph: Review

Image from: cuttingedgecreativity.wordpress.com
Wreck It Ralph, essentially a Toy Story for gamers, tells the story of Ralph, a video game villain who longs to be a hero and sets out on a quest to finally become the good guy.

I am not a massive “gamer”. I enjoy the Assassins Creed games along with the occasional superhero thrown into the mix (Arkham Asylum was awesome) but other than that I have never really been excited or passionate about video games.

So, with Wreck It Ralph I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that a lot of the film with all of it’s references were going to be lost on me and I would be left underwhelmed and out of the loop.

This wasn’t the case at all. Sure, there are lots of nods to a wide range of games and formats which the elite gamers will love but for the most part the film uses a lot of characters such as Sonic and Pacman that even the Amish would recognise.

Once we get past the first twenty minutes, the film becomes much more than reference after reference and we are given the chance to really get to know the main characters. This is one of the best parts about Wreck It Ralph, the fact that there is character development and by the time the action packed finale comes around, I actually cared about what happened to Ralph and Vanellope.

The animation isn’t as amazing as some of the stuff from Pixar, but none the less, it’s bright and colourful. Each world, or game I suppose, looks and feels different and you can tell the animators had a lot of fun playing with different styles and techniques, especially with the retro games.

The story is the main thing Wreck It Ralph has going for it though. The whole bad guy becoming the good guy thing seems to be all the rage at the minute with films like Despicable Me and Megamind, but this still felt fresh and different.

Like Toy Story, this film deals with themes of identity, friendship and even the fear of outliving your usefulness but doesn’t quite reach the same level of greatness.

Perhaps over the course of it’s Sequel, the film makers can build on this world and really create something special but for now Wreck It Ralph is simply an hour and half of fun which is unlikely to become a classic but will make you smile.

I have to mention the new Disney short, Paperman. This short film really is something special and is without a doubt the best one I have seen  from Disney and even Pixar. Classy, romantic and clever, it had my girlfriend crying by the end of it and me pretending not to be. So many emotions in so little time, it really is worth checking out anyway you can.

Image from: yalzer.com


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